In SPENCER by M. Tasia, readers are taken on a journey through the complex lives of two men, each hiding their own secrets and battling their own demons. Spencer, a former Navy SEAL, is no stranger to keeping things under wraps. However, he’s met his match in Rick, a man who seems to be concealing even more than he is.

Fifteen years ago, Rick reinvented his life, determined to bury his past. But the shadow of his former life looms large, and he always knew it was only a matter of time before it caught up with him. That moment arrives, and Rick is faced with the reality that he might need to flee from LH Investigations, a team made up of loyal and steadfast former Navy SEALs. Yet, leaving is not so simple when the bonds of friendship and loyalty run deep.

Complicating matters further is Spencer, the clever IT specialist who has unwittingly captured Rick’s heart. Rick struggles with the shame and secrets he’s harbored for half his life, feeling unworthy of Spencer’s affection. As he battles with his feelings and the need to protect Spencer from his past, he discovers that the team at LH Investigations might just be the key to his redemption.

SPENCER is a gripping tale of divine retribution, where secrets come to light, hearts are laid bare, and the true meaning of loyalty and friendship is put to the test. M. Tasia masterfully weaves a story that is both heart-wrenching and hopeful, showing that even the most guarded hearts can find love and redemption.

For those looking for a novel filled with suspense, emotional depth, and a touch of romance, SPENCER is a must-read.

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Dive into this enthralling story and join Spencer and Rick as they navigate the treacherous waters of secrets, love, and redemption.

Keywords: Men in uniform, small town, Texas, mm, military romance, action-adventure, forced proximity, secrets, start over, secret identity, dark secret.