In GUNNER by M. Tasia, readers are invited into the life of a former Navy SEAL sniper whose world is turned upside down. Gunner, a man accustomed to solitude and precision, finds himself overwhelmed with emotion when his sister passes away, naming him the legal guardian of her five-year-old son, Ben.

Leaving behind his Navy SEAL career, Gunner steps into a role he never envisioned for himself—becoming a father. Relocating to Fire Lake, where his former team leader and retired SEAL team reside, Gunner grapples with the sudden and profound changes in his life. The transition from sniper to dad is fraught with challenges, especially with his sister’s in-laws fighting for custody of Ben and a persistent private investigator making life even more complicated.

Despite the upheaval, Gunner discovers the true meaning of family and the strength that comes from love and support. As he navigates these new responsibilities and battles, he learns that being a father and finding a place to call home can be just as fulfilling as his days in the SEALs.

M. Tasia masterfully tells a story of resilience, transformation, and the unexpected paths life can take. GUNNER is a touching narrative about redefining family and embracing new beginnings, making it a must-read for anyone who loves stories of heart, heroism, and hope.

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Dive into this emotional and powerful story, and join Gunner on his journey to find what truly defines a family.

Keywords: Men in uniform, small town, Texas, mm, military romance, action-adventure, forced proximity, unsuspecting parent, start over, enemies to lovers, private investigator, redemption, grumpy sunshine, unexpected child.