Cover of Fletcher by M.Tasia

In the heart-pounding novel Fletcher by M. Tasia, readers are introduced to Fletcher Daniels, a man who has forged his family ties within the ranks of his Navy SEAL brothers. To Fletcher, the only blood relative worth acknowledging is his brother Kyle; the rest of his biological family might as well be dead to him.

However, when Kyle goes missing, Fletcher is thrust back into the orbit of his estranged blood relatives, a situation he equates to a more harrowing ordeal than even Hell Week at BUD/S. Determined to save his brother, Fletcher embarks on a mission fraught with intrigue, danger, and betrayal. He is not alone on this perilous journey; his loyal Navy SEAL comrades stand by his side, ready to face any threat that comes their way.

Adding to his formidable team is Elias Cooper, a tough-as-nails sheriff of Marshall County and a retired Marine. Elias thought his days of military maneuvers were over until he found himself working alongside Fletcher and his team. As they uncover a web of unthinkable crimes, Elias becomes deeply invested—not just in the mission, but in keeping Fletcher, the man he has come to love, safe and alive.

Fletcher is more than just a story of action and adventure. It is a profound exploration of what it means to be part of a family, whether forged by blood or by choice. Through trials and tribulations, two hardened men with tough exteriors learn about the true meaning of community and love.

For those seeking a thrilling read filled with suspense, emotional depth, and a touch of romance, Fletcher is a must-read.

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Dive into this gripping narrative and join Fletcher and Elias as they navigate through danger and discover the unbreakable bonds of brotherhood and love.

Keywords: Men in uniform, small town, Texas, mm, military romance, action and adventure, family, sheriff, hardened men, stubborn, lovers in denial, lust at first sight, rescue, worthy opponents.