Having read the entire Boys of Brighton series, I was eagerly awaiting Saint’s story and it was so worth the wait. I enjoyed every word. I am always amazed by authors that bring characters to life so much that you can hardly wait for the next story. Can not wait for Finn and Miguel to have their turn. While I’m waiting I’ll reread the Boys of Brighton series!


Once again this author brings a book with real characters and gives them their salvation. Love, action, suspense, angst, and heat. I definitely reccomend and cant wait for the next in the series.


I love reading true stories about military men. I know that sounds weird. It’s not a uniform fetish or anything like that, but because when the story is told correctly, it gives people a tiny glimpse into the lives of what these men and women do in order to protect us every day. And for that, I will always be eternally grateful. We all take it for granted too much sometimes. This is one of those stories. It’s not terribly graphic with what he deals with, but it’s enough you get a real sense of things he’s seen and having to deal with in his head on a daily basis.


This book was as Remarkable and Loving as the rest of Michelle’s books. There was a slight twist to this one that had me bawling (you have to read it to find out) but the Love, in the face of adversity, jumped off of the pages and it can be felt as if it is you who were going thru and feeling it. I can’t wait for her next book.


This installment of the Boys of Brighton was so good! I loved Shadow and Randy ‘s story I was hooked from the first page to the last. There was so much to this story that I enjoyed the drama, suspense, heartbreak, doubt ,forgiveness and second chances all made this book such a good read.


Finally, Travis and Bo! The little glimpses into them we got in previous books had me itching for their book. First, I’ve gotta say – I need to find myself a Bo! He is just the most loving, supportive partner and absolutely perfect for Travis. I knew Travis’ past was going to be rough, but I was shocked at some of the twists in his story. He truly blossoms over the course of this book and with Bo’s unwavering love and patience, and by the end shines as brightly as he deserves to. Read this one, guys. It is such a beautiful story.

And that epilogue? Oooh man. I am *dying* for Grady now!


I’ve liked every book in this series. It’s one I actively watch for new releases.
I like that all the other characters play such a huge part in the main MCs story, without taking over. You always know who the main MCs are.


I love all the Boys of Brighton books so far can’t wait for the next one. I wish the world was as accepting and understanding as the make believe town in the state of Texas of all places. Please keep writing you brighten my life.


If you like the Boys of Brighton stories, you don’t want to miss out on this one. It is about all the Brighton guys, Christmas, wedding and a couple of surprises. Christmas is still four weeks away, but after reading this story I am completely in the holidays mood.


I really enjoyed reading this second book in the Boys of Brighton series just as much as the first one, Gabe. It was engrossing and I couldn’t put it down. Hopefully there will be more to come. After all, there are more hot guys on Dante and Spider’s team!


The Boys of Brighton is such a good series. The world the author built is so lovely and engaging that I find myself forgetting that it is fiction


Just as thrilling as the first two in this series, I couldn’t believe how much story M Tasia packs into a short novel! It’s just under 140 pages, but SO much happened! The love story is believable and endearing, the sad parts? Oh, the feels! Cute toddler? Yes, please. Add in a loser sperm donor & mafia bad guys, and there’s just so much going on! I hope #4 comes along as hinted, because I’m not done with this little Texas town and it’s crazy inhabitants just yet