A widower and a man who fled his past find love in Brighton, TX, despite the violence of one’s homophobic family.

Welcome back to Brighton, Texas. Where any man can find home.


Royce Evans has worked as a paramedic in Brighton since graduating college. After the accident, though, his life seemed over. His husband died. Then he met Jesse. Handsome, brave, loving—the short-order cook is everything Royce desires. Everything he’d thought forever gone. Now Jesse’s tan, muscled body has brought him back to life, and nothing is going to shut that down. Not his own fears of heartbreak. Not Jesse’s past, or the fact that he ran from it. And definitely not Jesse’s crazy violent family, the Redemption Squad.





Read or you are missing out on a amazing and a favorite series of mine!!!! I give this book no this series 5 *****.

I have been. Waiting patiently for book 4 Jesse and Royce’s story to be available and I was not disappointed at all. I fell in love with the boys from books 1-3 all over again and can not wait to see where the next 2 potential story lines go.
Jesse and Royce’s story is one of true love. It has it heartbreaking moments when you just want to hug them both and moments when you are shaking your head. M. Tasia gets it right yet again and can not wait for the next one.
Ainslie Gear

I love all the stories about those boys from Brighton. And just wondering how many more are there. I just can’t get enough!
Barbara L

I have been waiting impatiently for their story. I was not disappointed! Wow what a beautiful love story between the two.
Miachelle Ferguson