After discovering his lover had been lying to him, Brighton police officer Grady Reynolds learns why, and his life takes a dark turn.


After coming out, Grady Reynolds is disowned by his family, and is forced to leave his job in the Dallas PD. Becoming an officer in the small town of Brighton, Grady has to start over while feeling adrift and alone. When he meets firefighter Ben Mason, life takes a sudden, happy turn until Ben tells Grady they have to keep their relationship on the DL. After months of loving a man who thinks of him as no more than a booty call, Grady has had enough and wants out.


Ben Mason loves Grady Reynolds like crazy. But Ben can’t tell his lover how he feels. He can’t acknowledge him in public. He can’t claim him as his own. Ben wants to tell Grady the truth, but the danger in that is deadly, and Ben won’t risk it. But peril and menace find Grady anyway, and Ben’s lies and deception come crashing down around him. Just when he thinks he’s lost everything, he learns that a love as deep as theirs can survive anything.





This series is simply great. The characters are complex and believable. The plots are interesting, and there is a good blend of action and romance, I can’t wait for Vincent’s story, and to find what is happening with Grady’s brother, Randy. I love the town. I want to live in Brighton.
William H. Willis

I am so glad that Ben and Grady to their story…and their HEA. It was quick moving and thrilling and the bad guy was quite a twist at the end. I am happy everything managed to work out and loved that many of the characters from previous books made an appearance.

I love all the Boys of Brighton books so far can’t wait for the next one. I wish the world was as accepting and understanding as the make believe town in the state of Texas of all places. Please keep writing you brighten my life.
C. Ledlum