A town founded in 1895 on the one guiding belief that families have the right to take any form, shape or size. Though this principle is as strong today as it was over one hundred and twenty years ago it doesn’t preclude the town from occasional acts of bigotry, hatred or violence.

Brighton may be a small town of just under 6,200 people, but they are responsible for four surrounding counties; therefore, they have a large police, fire, and paramedic presence. Following the lives of those first responders, and the town of Brighton are the basis for this series.



About M. Tasia

M. Tasia, is a paralegal and author who lives in Ontario, Canada. M. is a proud member of the Romance Writers of America and its chapters; Rainbow Romance Writers and Toronto Romance Writers. More than just an author, M. is a dedicated people watcher, lover of romance novels and 80’s rock, who grew up with a love of reading. M. is a firm believer in happy endings and that love is meant to be celebrated and shared.


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connect with m. tasia


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