The world can be a cruel place, and Travis Boone knows that better than most; wracked with guilt and living life as an outcast, finding love and happiness are the furthest things from his reality, until Bo Mason.


After living on the streets and in his car, Travis has found a home in Brighton, Texas. His job as a cook at the local diner pays enough for him to afford a small apartment, and, for the first time in years, he’s able to feed his passion, buying a few art supplies so he can sketch. He’s safe, and, oddly enough, feels accepted in this small town. And, for reasons he cannot fathom, Bo Mason, a gorgeous cop, seems interested. While flattered, Travis knows if his secrets are revealed, Bo won’t want to have a damn thing to do with the likes of Travis Boone.


From the moment he saw the new blue-eyed cook at Brighton’s diner, Bo Mason fell. Hard. And while getting close to Travis Boone has been like gentling a terrified animal, Bo knows there’s a special person hiding behind those small smiles and closely guarded secrets. Slowly, Bo starts to peel back the layers cocooning Travis and learns the heart of an angel beats inside the most beautiful man Bo has ever known.




Finally, Travis and Bo! The little glimpses into them we got in previous books had me itching for their book. First, I’ve gotta say – I need to find myself a Bo! He is just the most loving, supportive partner and absolutely perfect for Travis. I knew Travis’ past was going to be rough, but I was shocked at some of the twists in his story. He truly blossoms over the course of this book and with Bo’s unwavering love and patience, and by the end shines as brightly as he deserves to. Read this one, guys. It is such a beautiful story.
Amanda V

OK, I truly love all the Brighton stories but I think this one is my favorite. Travis and Bo were so great together. Bo is my hero, his kindness,patience, understanding and his relentless pursuit of Travis was so genuine. Travis is such a strong person and his strength of character was amazing to see. I can’t wait for the next book. Thanks
Cake Lady

I enjoyed this trip back into the world of The Boys of Brighton. Every time I return there I feel like I have returned home. I enjoy seeing the characters from prior books in the series. They add that extra oomph to each book. I knew, I just knew, that Bo and Travis’ story would be good. I was not disappointed. Bo is a wonderfully strong character. Just what Travis needs to pull him away from the fear of intimacy he has harbored for years. Travis blossoms under his care and while he gets stronger, he also gives Bo someone to nurture. They are a beautiful couple and their passion is strong. I look forward to more from this series.
Avid Reader